Below are the sculptures I made for my high school focus program. These sculptures were made senior year and had to tell a story. These sculptures were meant to try and tear down the dichotomy between nature and technology in a surrealist way. I wanted to tell a story of science where nature itself is technology just made out of a different medium.

Automata: This peace is meant to depict the human body as a self-building Automata. The majority of the face is sculpted with the brain being made of assorted wires and silicon and the mesh on the face was made with a 3d printing pen.

Re-birth: this sculpture is meant to depict a hand budding out of another hand like a sprout growing out of a seed. My intention for making this was to show the relationship between generations and show how something new always takes from something old.

Morning integration: this sculpture is based on the album cover for biosphere’s “dystopian tea”. My intention was to show how something like drinking a morning cup of coffee can integrate itself into a person’s identity.

Tree of life: This sculpture is meant to depict roots grouping into the bust of a person which then decays into soil for another plant. This peace is meant to draw out the timeline many people get on earth and what it means in an objective way.

Waiting: this sculpture shows a clock that has rainbow fungus growing out of one side of it. This piece has an Arduino integrated into it and tells time using RGB LEDs.

Sculpting hands: This sculpture is based on M.C. Escher’s “drawing hands” and I wanted to depict the cycle of human engineering.

Space in a telescope: this peace is a telescope made of ceramic where the inside is sculpted with craters to look like a planet or a cave. This piece uses a magnifying lens as the eye peace to give an interesting depth of field.

12th Grade Ceramic Collection

12th-grade ceramic sculptures I did for my focus program